Wednesday, March 4, 2009

supermarket downsize

I thought I was losing my mind this morning. Seriously!

I was putting together my husband's lunch/breakfast this morning, but we were out of the bagels he takes to work for breakfast. (I'm a great wife and always have plenty of groceries on hand... just in case you were wondering!) So I decided that he would get the next best thing, a tube of Ritz crackers and a travel cup of peanut butter . Don't feel sorry for him, he could live on Ritz crackers. When I opened the box of crackers there were only 2 tubes left.

I had JUST opened the box yesterday to get crackers for myself for my tuna and crackers lunch. I distinctly remember sliding my fingers under the top flap and thinking that they must have used some strong glue. And we all know that boxes of Ritz crackers have FOUR tubes in them (at least you do if you use as many crackers as we do at my house). So why on earth are there only 2 left?

It was at this point that I went and woke up my sleeping husband to ask him if he ate a tube last night. Even though he was slightly disturbed that I was waking him up for such a petty problem, he assured me that he did not eat/take the crackers. Where is the missing tube?!

I finished getting ready and left for work, STILL wondering where the crackers could have gone. It was only when I got home this afternoon that I realized the crackers are a victim of the recent shift at the grocery store. The one where everything still costs the same, but you get less for your money. The box of Ritz crackers is now smaller and ONLY includes THREE tubes! Ahhh mystery solved. I'm not losing my mind, just my paycheck.

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