Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning Hubby and I are were getting ready for work.  I was in the kitchen, Hubby was in the bedroom and the dogs were in the living room.  I heard a noise.  I couldn't tell where it came from, but it sounded like a sneeze.  I bless my dogs when they sneeze just like I bless my husband when he sneezes so I hollered out,  "Bless You!"  My husband poked his head down the hall and asked,  "Whadya say?"

"I said 'Bless You.'"

He started laughing hysterically.  

I'm very confused at this point.  "What? It's to early to be laughing at me and I don't even know why!"

He caught his breath just enough to answer "That was a fart!"  Before laughing his head off again!

It's usually two or three hours later when I think of my good come back lines, but this morning I was on... "Well then bless the rest of us who have to smell that!" 

Great to start the day off laughing :)

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