Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life Tuesday 2012 - Week 8

The Mom Creative

This is my 3rd year doing project life and up until now, I've only used the Design A page protectors.  But I'm super excited to say that I got a package from Amazon in the mail today and now I've got options!!  I got some big envelope pages that I'm sure will get a workout with the impending arrival of Baby Roo.  I got some 6x12 page protectors and I'm so excited to use these for journaling and bigger pictures.  And even though most of the pictures I take are landscape, I do find myself sometimes wanting to take vertical pictures and then talking myself out of it because they don't fit in my book.  So I bought some insert pages with space for vertical pictures.  I still plan on using Design A the majority of the time, but I can't wait to add a little variety to my book and spice it up some!

I ordered all my prints last night to get me caught up through yesterday.  I'm secretly hoping that little Baby Roo stays put until after the pictures come and I get my book current! 

Monday 2/20
I forgot to get a belly pic on Sunday, so I took a shot of my view today.  I don't have to try super hard to see my feet, but they aren't readily visible when I glance down! 

Tuesday 2/21
Scoot giving LaLa a squeeze before she left.  LaLa has been fantastic about coming over every Tuesday afternoon to watch Scoot while I go to my doctors appointments.  This is a great bonding time for them!
 Wednesday 2/22
Our second crib was delivered by UPS today!  Aaron was a trooper and put it together tonight even though I said he could wait till Saturday if he wanted to.  I love that the cribs match!  The nursery is full and cozy!
 Thursday 2/23/12
Aaron called me about 15 minutes after he left for work and said that he'd been sideswiped on his way to work.  He and the truck were fine, but the lady who did it took off and never looked back.  The funny thing is that she works at the same place so Aaron followed her and got her license plate number and her parking permit number.  He scared me with that phone call, but I'm so glad nothing was seriously damaged. 
 Friday 2/24
It is February and 81 degrees today!  I did not expect to be 9 months pregnant in this kind of weather this go round!  The windows were all open today and I broke out the capris and flip flops!
 Saturday 2/25
Scoot has been obsessed with animals lately.  And her enthusiasm is contagious!  I love seeing Aaron and Scoot sitting on the floor playing together!  Lots of giggles and smiles!
 Sunday 2/26
Scoot is showing off her new talent of saying "cheese" for the camera with her blueberry stained mouth.  She also wants to show any and everyone her "cookie" which is the tattoo on her left arm.  She loves playing hide and seek with him when she wears long sleeves!
 38 weeks with Baby Roo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life Tuesday 2012 - Week 7 (on Wednesday)

The Mom Creative

I'm a little slow this week.  In fact, I considered just waiting to post until next week and do a double week.  BUT that made me feel all jittery and behind!  And with the pending arrival of Baby Roo, I'd really like to be caught up -- at least on the internet!  My actual book is still stuck on week 3 because I haven't printed pictures since then.  This is the week though.  I've already decided that I'm printing pictures on Sunday night so my book will be current through week 8 before this little bundle arrives. 

Monday 2/13
I packed my hospital bag!  I really wasn't that concerned, but hubby is a big time worry-wart and he was starting to freak out!  This bag is huge and has everything the baby and I will need except cameras, phone, chargers, and snacks. 

Tuesday 2/14 (above)
Aaron opening his Valentines gift.  I jumped on the bandwagon I've seen going around a bunch of blogs and pintrest and made a '12 in 12' Date plan for him.  He got 12 envelopes, each with a plan for a date inside.  The outside flap tells him when he can open the envelope.  He was impressed that I had actually made 12 decisions! HA! He's excited about opening them and finding out what the 2 of us will be doing together for the rest of the year!

 Wednesday 2/15 (below)
Baby Roo has had a major craving for Root Beer Floats lately.  I finally got all my ingredients and made one tonight!  Yummmmm!

 Thursday 2/16
My big girl is 20 months old today!  She LOVES shoes and she doesn't really care if she's actually dressed or not, she must be wearing shoes! She also likes to pick out her own shoes and doesn't really care if they match her outfit.  Some days I pick out her outfit based on the shoes she has picked for the day!

 Friday 2/17
Scoot loves. loves. loves M&Ms!  When we saw these big life size "m's" in the party store tonight she was infatuated!

 Saturday 2/18
Recently Scoot learned to use the buckles on many of her seats like this, her high chair, shopping carts, and the stroller.  When she buckles herself in she calles it "stuck" because she can't "unstuck" herself yet.  This is what happens when she's ready to get "unstuck" before someone can get to her to help her.

 Sunday 2/19
Scoot and Daddy walking to the car on our way to church. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 6

The Mom Creative

After six weeks I'm still caught up on Project Life 2012!  I'm still taking a picture every day!  I figure if I can remember to take a picture every day until Baby Roo gets here, then the picture taking will come even more easily.  HA :)

I love the way my album is turning out so far.  I am giving myself a goal of taking more artistic pictures though and not relying completely on just the pictures of my family doing fun/cute/new things.  I'm going to start paying more attention to the "Photo of the Day" ideas that Becky Higgins posts on facebook for some inspiration. 

And I'm still trying to remember to put in small details from actual life!

Monday 2/6
Aaron fell asleep on the sofa and luckily Scoot's quilt that I made her was right there for him to curl up in.  I love seeing something I made being used and loved by my family!  Now I need to make a sofa quilt so that Scoot's can go back in her room. 

Tuesday 2/7
A 10 minute nap in the car ruined Scoot's regular nap.  And then Lala came over to watch Scoot while I went to the doctor so there was no way she was going to sleep then.  When I got back from my appointment she was so grouchy but cuddly.  She ended up falling asleep in my lap for a good hour.

Wednesday 2/8
Aaron took the day off and we took Scoot to the Children's Museum.  There were a TON of classes there on field trips and Scoot was quite overwhelmed with so many 'big' kids.  We had a good time though and can't wait to go back!

Thursday 2/9
Today Miss B turns 3!  Scoot thought the cupcake was super yummy!

Friday 1/10
We bought this huge stuffed dog to use as a size comparison when we take weekly pictures of Baby Roo.  Scoot is having a good time cuddling it when she isn't wrestling it or tossing it around.

Saturday 2/11
For my birthday I got SNOW! And served a special breakfast.  And some special cupcakes.  And lots of family time.  Hubby and Scoot made sure I had a wonderful day!

Sunday 2/12
I decided it was about time for me to wash the carseat cover for Baby Roo.  I've been putting it off because I'm scared to death that it won't ever fit back on the right way.  And at this point Baby Roo better not be early because it's going to take the next 4 weeks for this thing to air dry like the instructions require. 

36 weeks with Baby Roo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life 2012 - week 5

The Mom Creative

Monday 1/30
Scoot was up early this morning playing with her Valentines Day sensory box.  There are tons of heart shaped tiny toys in here and she loves sorting them and putting the little hearts into the bigger heart containers.  This little box will keep her busy for 30 minutes - an hour!

Tuesday 1/31
We went out to dinner with our friends.  B's birthday is next week and when she saw a kid at the table next to us sitting in the saddle for his birthday, she wanted to have a turn.  Since it was a slow Tuesday our waitress had no problem letting her sit on it an announcing her birthday!

Wednesday 2/1
I found a new bow seller on etsy and got a little bow crazy.  Scoot is getting really into bows these days and likes to wear one every day now.  I also had to copy Jessica's idea and use a jewelry organizer to hold all of her headbands so I can see what she has at a glance. 

Thursday 2/2
Aaron surprised me with a Strawberry Slush from Sonic's (which I've been craving!!) and got a chocolate shake for himself on the way home from work.  Scoot went back and forth, sip stealing from both of us, but she liked the shake better.

Friday 2/3
I love the way Scoot takes care of her babies.  This was the first time I'd ever seen her trying to put a diaper on her baby though.  She was so determined to make it work and she had a really good idea of what she was suppose to do!

Saturday 2/4
Scoot insisted on wearing her coat and shoes over her jammies while we were playing and waiting for breakfast to cook. 
 Aaron also decided to clean out his closet.  It has to get worse before it gets better right?  That's always my cleaning philosophy!

Sunday 2/5
Scoot and Little B were not interested in the Super Bowl at all.  But they loved playing together!

35 weeks with Baby Roo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler All-Nighter

My sweet daughter pulled her very first all-nighter last night.  On one hand I'm thankful that we made it to 19 months with this being the first time I've seen every single hour on the clock.  On the other hand, last night was a challenge!

She sat on the couch with me either talking or bouncing for hours on end.  She was in a perfectly lovely mood.  And if it had been daylight I would have been perfectly excited that she wanted to spend so much cuddle time with me.  Scoot is not sick, she did not take an extraordinarily long nap, she got plenty of activity yesterday.  I was sitting there some time around 3 AM trying to rack my brain to figure out why she was awake....


Do you think it had anything to do with the medium sweet tea from Chick-fil-A she drank at 7:30?!?!

Umm, probably.  Parenting fail!  It was all my fault that she and I were awake all night!

It is not a regular practice around our house for Scoot to drink sweet tea no matter what time it is.  Aaron's mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday for some heart issues and we went to visit her last night.  Our visit lasted a little longer than expected and by 7:30 we were very very late for dinner and Scoot's bedtime had come and gone.  Aaron's dad got back to the hospital with his mom's essentials and a sweet tea for all the grown ups. Scoot started sip-stealing from everyone and by the time her thirst was quenched, we're pretty sure she had had almost a whole cup to herself.  We left not long after that and went home to eat and get sweet girl in the bed.  After she ate she went right to bed (only 2 hours late! AHH!)  so we thought we were in the clear with the tea.  A short 3 hours later and Scoot was up from midnight - 5AM. 

The moral of the story - No more sweet tea for our sleepy tot!