Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life Tuesday 2012 - Week 7 (on Wednesday)

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I'm a little slow this week.  In fact, I considered just waiting to post until next week and do a double week.  BUT that made me feel all jittery and behind!  And with the pending arrival of Baby Roo, I'd really like to be caught up -- at least on the internet!  My actual book is still stuck on week 3 because I haven't printed pictures since then.  This is the week though.  I've already decided that I'm printing pictures on Sunday night so my book will be current through week 8 before this little bundle arrives. 

Monday 2/13
I packed my hospital bag!  I really wasn't that concerned, but hubby is a big time worry-wart and he was starting to freak out!  This bag is huge and has everything the baby and I will need except cameras, phone, chargers, and snacks. 

Tuesday 2/14 (above)
Aaron opening his Valentines gift.  I jumped on the bandwagon I've seen going around a bunch of blogs and pintrest and made a '12 in 12' Date plan for him.  He got 12 envelopes, each with a plan for a date inside.  The outside flap tells him when he can open the envelope.  He was impressed that I had actually made 12 decisions! HA! He's excited about opening them and finding out what the 2 of us will be doing together for the rest of the year!

 Wednesday 2/15 (below)
Baby Roo has had a major craving for Root Beer Floats lately.  I finally got all my ingredients and made one tonight!  Yummmmm!

 Thursday 2/16
My big girl is 20 months old today!  She LOVES shoes and she doesn't really care if she's actually dressed or not, she must be wearing shoes! She also likes to pick out her own shoes and doesn't really care if they match her outfit.  Some days I pick out her outfit based on the shoes she has picked for the day!

 Friday 2/17
Scoot loves. loves. loves M&Ms!  When we saw these big life size "m's" in the party store tonight she was infatuated!

 Saturday 2/18
Recently Scoot learned to use the buckles on many of her seats like this, her high chair, shopping carts, and the stroller.  When she buckles herself in she calles it "stuck" because she can't "unstuck" herself yet.  This is what happens when she's ready to get "unstuck" before someone can get to her to help her.

 Sunday 2/19
Scoot and Daddy walking to the car on our way to church. 

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  1. Good luck! I will be thinking and praying for you!