Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler All-Nighter

My sweet daughter pulled her very first all-nighter last night.  On one hand I'm thankful that we made it to 19 months with this being the first time I've seen every single hour on the clock.  On the other hand, last night was a challenge!

She sat on the couch with me either talking or bouncing for hours on end.  She was in a perfectly lovely mood.  And if it had been daylight I would have been perfectly excited that she wanted to spend so much cuddle time with me.  Scoot is not sick, she did not take an extraordinarily long nap, she got plenty of activity yesterday.  I was sitting there some time around 3 AM trying to rack my brain to figure out why she was awake....


Do you think it had anything to do with the medium sweet tea from Chick-fil-A she drank at 7:30?!?!

Umm, probably.  Parenting fail!  It was all my fault that she and I were awake all night!

It is not a regular practice around our house for Scoot to drink sweet tea no matter what time it is.  Aaron's mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday for some heart issues and we went to visit her last night.  Our visit lasted a little longer than expected and by 7:30 we were very very late for dinner and Scoot's bedtime had come and gone.  Aaron's dad got back to the hospital with his mom's essentials and a sweet tea for all the grown ups. Scoot started sip-stealing from everyone and by the time her thirst was quenched, we're pretty sure she had had almost a whole cup to herself.  We left not long after that and went home to eat and get sweet girl in the bed.  After she ate she went right to bed (only 2 hours late! AHH!)  so we thought we were in the clear with the tea.  A short 3 hours later and Scoot was up from midnight - 5AM. 

The moral of the story - No more sweet tea for our sleepy tot!

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