Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life Tuesday 2012 - Week 8

The Mom Creative

This is my 3rd year doing project life and up until now, I've only used the Design A page protectors.  But I'm super excited to say that I got a package from Amazon in the mail today and now I've got options!!  I got some big envelope pages that I'm sure will get a workout with the impending arrival of Baby Roo.  I got some 6x12 page protectors and I'm so excited to use these for journaling and bigger pictures.  And even though most of the pictures I take are landscape, I do find myself sometimes wanting to take vertical pictures and then talking myself out of it because they don't fit in my book.  So I bought some insert pages with space for vertical pictures.  I still plan on using Design A the majority of the time, but I can't wait to add a little variety to my book and spice it up some!

I ordered all my prints last night to get me caught up through yesterday.  I'm secretly hoping that little Baby Roo stays put until after the pictures come and I get my book current! 

Monday 2/20
I forgot to get a belly pic on Sunday, so I took a shot of my view today.  I don't have to try super hard to see my feet, but they aren't readily visible when I glance down! 

Tuesday 2/21
Scoot giving LaLa a squeeze before she left.  LaLa has been fantastic about coming over every Tuesday afternoon to watch Scoot while I go to my doctors appointments.  This is a great bonding time for them!
 Wednesday 2/22
Our second crib was delivered by UPS today!  Aaron was a trooper and put it together tonight even though I said he could wait till Saturday if he wanted to.  I love that the cribs match!  The nursery is full and cozy!
 Thursday 2/23/12
Aaron called me about 15 minutes after he left for work and said that he'd been sideswiped on his way to work.  He and the truck were fine, but the lady who did it took off and never looked back.  The funny thing is that she works at the same place so Aaron followed her and got her license plate number and her parking permit number.  He scared me with that phone call, but I'm so glad nothing was seriously damaged. 
 Friday 2/24
It is February and 81 degrees today!  I did not expect to be 9 months pregnant in this kind of weather this go round!  The windows were all open today and I broke out the capris and flip flops!
 Saturday 2/25
Scoot has been obsessed with animals lately.  And her enthusiasm is contagious!  I love seeing Aaron and Scoot sitting on the floor playing together!  Lots of giggles and smiles!
 Sunday 2/26
Scoot is showing off her new talent of saying "cheese" for the camera with her blueberry stained mouth.  She also wants to show any and everyone her "cookie" which is the tattoo on her left arm.  She loves playing hide and seek with him when she wears long sleeves!
 38 weeks with Baby Roo


  1. So glad you are doing so well! Loved the pics!

  2. Love the "looking down at the belly" picture. So cool!

    Glad your hubby is ok. I'm glad that he was able to get that lady's info.

    Have a great week & hope to see pics of your new bundle soon!


  3. Love the looking down at the belly picture. I was cracking up though because before I read the text I didn't know what it was. Then I was like, "DUH". Hee hee. Love all your photos. Good for you for trying some new page protectors and different sizes! You'll love the end result.