Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 6

The Mom Creative

After six weeks I'm still caught up on Project Life 2012!  I'm still taking a picture every day!  I figure if I can remember to take a picture every day until Baby Roo gets here, then the picture taking will come even more easily.  HA :)

I love the way my album is turning out so far.  I am giving myself a goal of taking more artistic pictures though and not relying completely on just the pictures of my family doing fun/cute/new things.  I'm going to start paying more attention to the "Photo of the Day" ideas that Becky Higgins posts on facebook for some inspiration. 

And I'm still trying to remember to put in small details from actual life!

Monday 2/6
Aaron fell asleep on the sofa and luckily Scoot's quilt that I made her was right there for him to curl up in.  I love seeing something I made being used and loved by my family!  Now I need to make a sofa quilt so that Scoot's can go back in her room. 

Tuesday 2/7
A 10 minute nap in the car ruined Scoot's regular nap.  And then Lala came over to watch Scoot while I went to the doctor so there was no way she was going to sleep then.  When I got back from my appointment she was so grouchy but cuddly.  She ended up falling asleep in my lap for a good hour.

Wednesday 2/8
Aaron took the day off and we took Scoot to the Children's Museum.  There were a TON of classes there on field trips and Scoot was quite overwhelmed with so many 'big' kids.  We had a good time though and can't wait to go back!

Thursday 2/9
Today Miss B turns 3!  Scoot thought the cupcake was super yummy!

Friday 1/10
We bought this huge stuffed dog to use as a size comparison when we take weekly pictures of Baby Roo.  Scoot is having a good time cuddling it when she isn't wrestling it or tossing it around.

Saturday 2/11
For my birthday I got SNOW! And served a special breakfast.  And some special cupcakes.  And lots of family time.  Hubby and Scoot made sure I had a wonderful day!

Sunday 2/12
I decided it was about time for me to wash the carseat cover for Baby Roo.  I've been putting it off because I'm scared to death that it won't ever fit back on the right way.  And at this point Baby Roo better not be early because it's going to take the next 4 weeks for this thing to air dry like the instructions require. 

36 weeks with Baby Roo


  1. A belated "happy birthday". Yummy breakfast shot, and wow, you will be giving birth just around the corner. Good luck!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Those cupcakes look yummy! Totally laughed about the carseat cover. Although it's been awhile (my girls are 13 & almost 11) I remember thinking I would never get that back on after I washed it.

    Hope you have a great week! I know towards the end of each pregnancy I got antsy!


  3. Love the photo of the little person in the gigantic chair. Very fun.