Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm the only one who can see

My husband is a wonderful guy and I love him with all my heart. He is a fantastic provider for our family and is dedicated and loyal to his job. He makes me laugh every day. He's got a soft side that he only shows to me. And I love knowing that I know a part of him that he doesn't share with anyone else. He is a great friend. If any of his friends, co-workers, or even acquaintances asked for anything, he'd do everything he could to help. He's passionate about things he believes in. He supports me in everything from my job, to relationships with my family, to crazy endeavors I get obsessed with. He doesn't complain about me not being a fantastic housekeeper. He's generous. He truly wants me to be happy.


I'm going to lose it if this happens one more time...
Me- "Babe could you clean up a little while I'm at PTA? It would really help me out and I'd greatly appreciate it!"
Him - "Sure, just tell me what you want me to do."
Me- "Ya know, just straighten up."
Him- "But what do you want me to do?"
Me- starting to lose it "Do you see anybody leaving me lists of things that need to be done. Just look around, I'm sure you'll see something that needs to be picked up and put away."

Does this happen at anybody else's house?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
First, go ahead and scroll down to the last post... {then come right back - please}... see that? I haven't posted anything in a whole week!! Wanna find out what I have {and have not} been doing this last week? Here's the fast and dirty version...

*I'm overwhelmed at school with just getting lesson plans out and keeping my kiddos engaged for 7 1/2 hours a day, but for some unknown reason I went ahead and agreed to be the co-sponsor of our school's Odyssey of the Mind team. This was probably not the smartest thing I've ever done! I'm excited though since I'll get to work with 4th & 5th graders, which will be a completely new experience for me and OM will let me see those little minds stretch creatively. By about February, I'll probably be singing a different song!

*On day 64 of Amanda Jean's quilt along, I have exactly 55 blocks done. I went from being 2 weeks ahead, to 9 days behind. I'm going to blame this on school again. School gets a bad rap, but it's really my poor time management skills that have me behind on everything! It's really a shame too, since sewing calms me down & I'm guessing takes my blood pressure down a notch or two.

*Aaron truly believes that my real age should be somewhere around 85. Sure, I still get carded to buy lottery tickets or alcohol. And just the other day, a lady in the parking lot ask if my mom would be happy to find me skipping school. But I also like to quilt & crochet. I'm usually in bed by the time anything good comes on TV. And I'm now on blood pressure medicine. WHAT?! It's blowing my mind that I'm 26 and already on 'a pill for my pressure.'

*We laid down the law this week. No dogs are allowed on the couch any longer. I feel like a monster! The dogs may be taking it better than I am! :(

*After months and months and months and months of silence (to people I know in real life) about our struggle to have a baby, I've had the urge to tell our whole story on a couple of occasions this week. I'm not usually that open (again... in real life) but I'm tired of keeping it a secret. I still haven't actually told anyone, but I wanted to... and that's new!

*While I was watching my boys A & R this week, R (2) had a remote control car that A (3) wanted. R held A off right until the batteries were about to die and then handed it over and said "Your turn!" A could only use the car going downhill for about 45 seconds before it was completely dead. So SMART! And FUNNY!

*I recently discovered, and may be addicted to, dark chocolate covered soy nuts. YUMMMM!
*Packing lunches at night makes my morning so much easier, so much more streamlined, so why on earth do I resist actually getting it done the night before?!
*We were playing around at dinner the other night and I put ketchup on Aaron's arm. In retaliation, he placed a strategic swipe on my cheek. It immediately started stinging me. To the point that I had to leave the table and wash it off. I'm pretty sure that's not normal. I mean come on... I eat that stuff. If it stings my skin, what in the world is it doing to my stomach?!

*We are interviewing a dog/house sitter this weekend, and my house needs a complete cleaning before I'll be comfortable allowing someone else to stay here! Housekeeping has been a little too low on my priority list since school started!

If you made it all the way down here... Kuddos! Go have a cookie for me! And for tons more random fun, head over to Half-Past Kissin' Time. Lots of fun Friday fragments over there!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fragments

This is my very first time participating in Friday Fragments but it's been a long time coming. If you only knew how hard it can be for me to write in actual logical sentences instead of just bullet pointing my main topics, you'd be amazed that I even started a blog!

Anyway, you can head over to Half-Past Kissin' Time to get the scoop and check out a bunch more random stuff!

*I've been a long time, card carrying member of the expert-pill-swallowing-club. I've bragged to my husband that I can swallow upwards of 8 horse size pills in one swig. {Yes, that's right, I've bragged about THAT... I've never claimed to be interesting!} But recently I've completely forgotten how to swallow pills at all! Not only do I actually have to think about it and make several attempts, but I've decreased the number I take at one time, and they are still getting stuck in my throat! Dang, I wasted that specialized skill and now it's just gone!

*We had a play date with the Dane fosters that are staying down the road:Storm & George. Miss Storm looks just like my Dolly Llama. I told Aaron that we could adopt her and call her Minnie Mouse. {Minnie since she is a mini Dolly and Mouse cuz I add animal names to the end of all our pets' names. GEEZ it's not as funny when I have to explain it!} But how funny would it be to call a Great Dane 'Minnie'?

The ever graceful, Dolly Llama performing Downward Dog.

*I just paid $50 for the privilege of wearing jeans to work on Fridays. Comfort really does mean that much to me! At least all the money goes to the American Cancer Society. I'm so glad my new school is so active in Relay for Life!

*My mom texted me when we got back from our trip last weekend and told me to call her and tell her all about it when I got the chance. I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't called her. I guess she figures I'm still alive though, the missing person division of the police department hasn't shown up yet.

- In my defense, I've been working 10 hour days at school all week and I'm EXHAUSTED when I get home!

*We bought groceries at Wallyworld and we dutifully took in our reusable bags. I love them because you can carry so much more stuff in one bag and then I don't have the erupting cabinet of plastic bags, but they haven't caught on around here, so we're usually the only ones in the store using them. At the checkout the cashier actually refused to bag our groceries because we had reusable bags. I told Aaron I felt like we'd been discriminated against - at Walmart of all places!

I could go on and on, but I don't want to scare you off on my very first week out of the shoot. I'll be back for more next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's NOT a turn on!

There's something that's been bothering me...

I grew up in the country and went to a high school and college where the percentage of 'country boys' far out weigh preppy, rock, or jock guys. Trucks pulled into the school parking lot with full gun racks and the 'rewards' of an early morning hunt in the back. Half of my close circle of friends lived on dirt roads. Radios in parking lots are all tuned to the most popular station - country. Redneck is a compliment, and duct tape is the only kind of tape there is. It's seriously country where I'm from. And I love it! But there's one thing I don't understand about 'good 'ole country boys.' Why, please tell me why, do they think it's attractive to dip chewing tobacco?!?!

I've noticed a huge increase in the popularity lately. At the football game this weekend there was a guy sitting right in front of me who stuffed his lip and spit in a sprite bottle through the entire game!

Tonight I was at Barnes & Noble when a good looking, polite guy held the door for me. His bottom lip noticeably stuck out and he was carrying his spit bottle into B&N with him. FortheloveofGod! That shouldn't even be allowed! I know these guys have a lot of practice and (usually) have no trouble hitting the spit cup, but what if, just what IF they missed? GROSS!

Then Jake Owen, a country singer I enjoy listening to (and looking at) has the following lyrics in his latest single...
"...I said climb on up, but honey watch the cup that I spit my dip inside..."

Who is kissing these folks that use chewing tobacco?
What in the world sparked this popularity craze?
Don't even get me started on girls who participate in this habit!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wanna Go Back There...

Last weekend on the way to VT we stopped and stayed at my sister's house. They live on a farm and I'd do anything to be back there right now... away from the city lights, asphalt, and noise that surround my house. We woke up to a foggy morning with a rooster sitting on the porch. I collected eggs, picked cantaloupe and grape tomatoes, took pictures of cows, and sat on the front porch. I actually didn't mind getting up early since I was surrounded by all the natural beauty & quiet.

We left there and went to watch VT take on Marshall in their home opener. I LOVE being back there and I'd go back to college or relive my college years in a heartbeat! Tech won and I have a promise from hubby of going to at least two more games this season. I'm beyond excited!
I'll be looking back over these pictures numerous times for the next few days when I don't feel like working and I'd rather be back on the front porch. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

GeekSquad to the rescue!

My computer has been broken for almost 2 weeks! It's fixed now, but it took the GeekSquad coming out to my house for 2 hours to figure out why in the name of all that is holy my perfectly working modem & wireless router would NOT allow me to connect to the internet. Let's just suffice it to say that our internet provider screwed us!

It cost an unexpected, unbudgeted, but totally worth it $200 to be reconnected to the internet.

I now have almost 350 unread entries on my reader! :-O

I apologize for not reading and commenting on anyone's blogs the last 2 weeks... I was missing you all terribly!

AND school starts tomorrow, so I'll have next to no time to catch up.

If you had the day off today, I hope you enjoyed it! Happy Labor Day to everyone!