Monday, September 14, 2009

I Wanna Go Back There...

Last weekend on the way to VT we stopped and stayed at my sister's house. They live on a farm and I'd do anything to be back there right now... away from the city lights, asphalt, and noise that surround my house. We woke up to a foggy morning with a rooster sitting on the porch. I collected eggs, picked cantaloupe and grape tomatoes, took pictures of cows, and sat on the front porch. I actually didn't mind getting up early since I was surrounded by all the natural beauty & quiet.

We left there and went to watch VT take on Marshall in their home opener. I LOVE being back there and I'd go back to college or relive my college years in a heartbeat! Tech won and I have a promise from hubby of going to at least two more games this season. I'm beyond excited!
I'll be looking back over these pictures numerous times for the next few days when I don't feel like working and I'd rather be back on the front porch. Hope you enjoy!


  1. You took some great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those ARE the best snap shots! They took me right back to my grandparents farm when I was a kid! Thanks :)