Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's NOT a turn on!

There's something that's been bothering me...

I grew up in the country and went to a high school and college where the percentage of 'country boys' far out weigh preppy, rock, or jock guys. Trucks pulled into the school parking lot with full gun racks and the 'rewards' of an early morning hunt in the back. Half of my close circle of friends lived on dirt roads. Radios in parking lots are all tuned to the most popular station - country. Redneck is a compliment, and duct tape is the only kind of tape there is. It's seriously country where I'm from. And I love it! But there's one thing I don't understand about 'good 'ole country boys.' Why, please tell me why, do they think it's attractive to dip chewing tobacco?!?!

I've noticed a huge increase in the popularity lately. At the football game this weekend there was a guy sitting right in front of me who stuffed his lip and spit in a sprite bottle through the entire game!

Tonight I was at Barnes & Noble when a good looking, polite guy held the door for me. His bottom lip noticeably stuck out and he was carrying his spit bottle into B&N with him. FortheloveofGod! That shouldn't even be allowed! I know these guys have a lot of practice and (usually) have no trouble hitting the spit cup, but what if, just what IF they missed? GROSS!

Then Jake Owen, a country singer I enjoy listening to (and looking at) has the following lyrics in his latest single...
"...I said climb on up, but honey watch the cup that I spit my dip inside..."

Who is kissing these folks that use chewing tobacco?
What in the world sparked this popularity craze?
Don't even get me started on girls who participate in this habit!

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