Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Control... my 4 letter word

There are heaps upon mounds upon piles upon towering bundles of things in my life that I have absolutely no control over.

I can't control whether the budget cuts in my city's school district will allow me to keep my job in September.
I can't control when/if we get pregnant.
I can't control when this rain will stop (can I PLEASE take my kindergartners outside for recess?)!
I can't control how other people think of me.
I can't control the drivers in front of me cutting me off and then going 5 miles under the speed limit.
... just to name a few.

But there IS something that I want very badly to change and it turns out, I have quite a bit of control over it. I want to be healthier. Today has been a great day in that department. I've been waking up with yoga in the morning. I also added Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred to the mix this afternoon. Grueling, but in a good way. Today also marked the 2nd day of being very diligent about what I eat. I've gone the way of completely restricting before and it didn't work out for me. Now I'm being diligent and aware, but not banning any food groups. I've made great choices so far and I'm proud of myself!

The things I can NOT control are abundant. And that is a good thing. God is very good at being in control of all these things and He knows much better than I do what is good for me at any given time. It is nice to remember though, when things feel like they are spinning away from me, that there are things I CAN control.

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