Thursday, March 26, 2009

feeling like a jerk

I was insensitive to my hubby this morning about one of his "hot button" issues.  I knew I was being a jerk when it happened but I couldn't seem to stop myself.  He is WONDERFUL about not jumping back all over me and instead letting me realize my own faults, which probably gets the point across even more.  Now I'm at work feeling terrible about starting his day off on the wrong foot.  We kissed and made up before he left and I texted him an apology just a minute ago, but I still feel like a jerk.  And today is my day to be on duty in the Kindergarten hall which is not my favorite pastime.  

Hope this day gets better... and soon!

***I know my problems are not anywhere near the magnitude of those that others are facing.  I almost didn't say anything at all because in comparison, I've really got nothing to complain about.  I'm praying for Stellan!***

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  1. Oh my gosh Amanda...I did a similar thing to my husband on Monday. I was TERRIBLE to him and I still feel bad and it is Thursday! I was the crabbiest super crab and I will just say that the Friendship Amish Bread does it to me.

    Jason was also really good about just letting me be a raging lunatic, which made me feel worse in the end, too! Except...he did tell me that I was driving him to run out of the house. We kissed and made up before bed, too.

    Don't be too hard on yourself though. It is o.k. to have a crabby spell every once-in-awhile.

    Hope the rest of you day was better!