Monday, March 23, 2009

Fast Forward

Saturday felt like a fast forward kind of day.

It all started on Wednesday night when Hubby went to his friend's house to watch basketball. Our team was playing in the first round of the NIT. We didn't make it to the NCAA but we were expected to do fairly good in the NIT. On Wednesday night they finally won in double overtime. Hubby came home and half heatedly mentioned that they played again on Saturday.

Thursday Hubby mentioned again that they played again on Saturday. At home. For the last time this season. On Saturday. At home.

I got it.

We decided to go to the game (by the way, I LOVE watching college sports. Especially in person. Especially at my beloved Alma mater.) which started at 11AM Saturday morning. The tickets were all general admission though, so for good seats it was recommended you be there by 9:30. Campus is 5 hours away from our house. We also didn't have anyone to come and dog sit so we would have to make this a one day trip.

At the unspeakable hour of 4AM we left our house. There wasn't even anywhere open to get a drive through breakfast! I couldn't take it anymore and stopped at 8:30 for some much needed Starbucks, stretching, potty break, and change of drivers.

We got to campus right around 9. Hung out in our awesome seats for an hour and a half. The game started poorly and didn't go our way from the very first (missed) shot.

After the game we did a little shopping, met my sister and brother-in-law for dinner and got back on the road. We got home at 10PM. Exactly 18 hours after we left.

It was the most spontaneous day we've had in a long while. I LOVED IT! I had so much fun just hanging with my sweetie all day, wishing we were 19 and in college again, singing at the top of our lungs for 10 hours, feeling the emotions of the players on the court, inching along in traffic, seeing my sissy, and just being exhausted.

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