Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Its time for some weekly therapy (a tad bit early) with MckMama over at my charming kids. Join in and confess all the things that most certainly did NOT happen in your life this week.

I did not turn over and reset my alarm twice this week. I got up each morning at 5 am when my alarm went off so that I could get in a workout before I headed off to work. Those morning workouts make me feel so much more alert and focused during the day that I most certainly would not skip them just to get an extra hour of sleep.

It would have been very silly for me to log in to ebay and bid on a nursery bedding set since I don't have any babies, so I did not do that! Besides, the bedding was much much much to expensive, so I did not begin "watching" the item so that I can think about buying it later.

I did not get cabin fever so bad after being at home for only ONE day during our snow day that I made my husband take me to BJs once he got home from work. We didn't actually need anything so I would never risk going out with all of the other southern drivers who have no idea how to drive in 2 inches of snow.

Thank goodness that I did not cut out the fabric I need for my next quilt project only to discover a mere 3o minutes later that there were three more coordinating fabrics available that I had to have. So I did not put everything quilting related on hold until the new fabrics get here. At least I did not leave it all sprawled out on the dinning room table to prevent us from eating dinner for the last two nights.

I did not promise myself that I would not freak out about whatever happened regarding the budget cuts and job cuts for teachers next year in my city and then promptly feel my heart beat faster and catch my breath when the principal called a meeting. I am not still on pins and needles because the meeting on Friday afternoon was not just to tell us that they don't have any new information. That {lack of} announcement did not make me very frustrated!

If you are not completely confused yet, head over to MckMama's to see what every one else did not do this past week!

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  1. great not monday I always turn of my alarm then wake up ten minutes later to it going off again