Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Night Dinners

I'm thankful for the Wednesday night dinners we have with our friends.  These friends have a daughter only 2 days younger than Scoot and an almost 3 year old.  The girls all play well together.  The adults get adult time! We eat pizza (or spaghetti) and then there is always dessert! It is wonderful to have a night in the middle of the week to look forward to.  I'm thankful we have set aside time to grow our relationship with these friends.  It is so easy to get busy with life and forget to take the time to work on our relationships, but having this weekly date really helps keep us connected.  I'm thankful that they feel more like family than friends.  I'm thankful that the 3 girls have 2 sets of adults that love them.  I'm thankful that the girls have each other as friends already.  I'm thankful that tonight is Wednesday!

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