Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girls Night!

I'm thankful for fun nights out with the girls. 

Tonight I got together with some of the teachers from my school (I'm still allowed to call it that, even though I don't work there right now because I love the school and the people there! {That's for Aaron who says its not "my" school anymore.}) for book club. 

Just try to figure out that crazy train of thought.... I'll give you a second...

Ok, ready to move on?

I'm thankful that Aaron is able to have some father/daughter bonding time while I'm at book club.  I'm thankful that going to book club has got me started reading again.  I'm thankful for the good food that everyone brings to share.  I'm thankful that I get to see these ladies on a regular basis.  I'm thankful that while we do talk about the books we read, we also spend a lot of time just chatting and connecting. 

I haven't been posting pictures with every post like I planned, but sometimes there just isn't a picture.  We didn't take a picture of book club tonight. 

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