Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday

I'm thankful for all the deals that we scored during black friday shopping today.  This year, with me not working, we are really focusing on the real reason for the season and trying to get away from the overly commercialized gift giving part.  I've wanted to do this for several years because it just feels silly to scrounge around to come up with something to give someone who already has way too much stuff, but I always felt guilty for some reason.  This year - we have no money - so I don't feel bad at all! 

Even though we came home last night after dinner and did NOT go back out for midnight madness (or earlier since some places opened as early as 3 pm around here!) and we slept until after 7 this morning, we still had plenty of time to go black friday shopping.  And we got some great deals!  That means the small gifts that we are giving to family and friends this year didn't break our thinly stretched bank account. 

I'm thankful we got plenty of sleep last night and still got to be part of the crazy black friday fun!

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