Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas

25 Days of Christmas ---- I feel like I'm on the ABC Family Channel here! haha

I'm on such a roll after the month of November that I'm excited about keeping it up!  Since this is the first Christmas that Scoot will have any inkling of an idea about what's going on I want to make it extra special and carry on some traditions.  Starting today (12/1) we are going to try to do something Christmas related every day and read a Christmas book.  This will NOT be very involved this year.  I'm keeping everything very simple.  Scoot is still too young to actually get it and her attention span is seriously limited.  I want the things we do to be age appropriate.  Then every year we can make it more involved and appropriate for a growing girl (family).  I want to keep track of what we do this year so that I won't have such a hard time thinking of 25 things next year!  And maybe if I take a picture of each activity daily we can make a little scrap book that we can get out with our Christmas decorations each year and look back on with Scoot's future boyfriends! HA!

Since tonight was the first day I kept it really simple.  We read "Jingle Bells" and played with a little bracelet with 10 silver bells on it.  (I made it with craft store bells and some left over yarn.) This was a cute little book to start off with since it is just the words to the song with pictures.  Scoot loved pointing to the horse on each page.  And she thought the little bell bracelet was awesome!  I held her hands and shook the bells while we sang the song and she thought that was pretty hot stuff too. 

Day 1 - a success! 

She's got a tight little grip on those bells!  Her face in this picture is so totally her! I love it!!

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