Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 15 - 25 Days of Christmas

Today Scoot played with a little Christmas Tree counting activity I made for her earlier this week.  I made a chart with the numbers 1-10.  Each number had it's own row and I placed the correct number of velcro pieces in the row next to the number.  I used small foam Christmas Tree cutouts with velcro on the back as the counters.  Scoot put the trees on the velcro in each row as we counted together and pointed to the number. 

It was WAY over her head, but she did like playing with the little trees.  Her favorite was sticking & unsticking them over and over again.  At least it gave us something to do while we counted to 10 a bunch of times.  I figure it couldn't hurt to jump into something that is too hard - especially since I'm sitting right there talking to her about it the whole time.  It will be perfect for next year I think. 

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