Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 4 - 25 Days of Christmas

For Day 4 I made a Christmas Sensory Box ... well I started one.  I couldn't get all the little trinkets I wanted, but I got enough to get started. 

*side note* when I went to Michael's they were in the middle of a 5 hour sale and the place was CRAZY!  The Christmas stuff was already picked over and the lines were super long! I'm going to try to get to Wal-mart to see if they have the rest of what I wanted to get. 

I started with an extra plastic storage box we had laying around and dumped a bag of cotton balls in as the "base".   Then I added 6 small wreath ornaments, 2 small nutcracker figurines (plastic), 4 winter erasers, 6 huge jingle bells, 4 gingerbread boy stickers, 4 gingerbread girl stickers, 6 foam tree cut outs.

The pieces I started with.

 Scoot was pretty excited about it and dug right in.  She started taking out the little pieces but left the cotton balls in the box.  She didn't love the way the cotton would stick to the wreaths or glitter bells and then stick to her, but she did like to pull the pieces apart a little.

 There are a ton of different textures in this box already.  When she was holding 2 different textures at once, I could just see the little wheels in her brain spinning.

Scoot definitely found a favorite.  The huge jingle bells were a big hit.  She took them out and put them back in.  We counted them.  She closed the box and put the bells on top.  She matched the 3 different pairs.  She even tasted them!

I can't wait to add a few more things if I can find them!  She seems to like it already and I'm excited about making more of these boxes for other holidays and themes!!

We also read the book, Snowbear Countsdown to Christmas.

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