Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 - 25 Days of Christmas

Tonight Scoot played with play dough for the very first time.  We got out some green play dough and 3 cookie cutters (star, snowman, and tree).  The very first thing she did when I took it out of the can was put it in her mouth! HAHA But after I took it out of her mouth and told her no, she didn't try that again.  I bet it didn't taste too good!

She liked taking it in and out of the container and making finger prints in it.  She didn't really get the cookie cutters, but that's alright.  She did a good job of keeping it on the box.  Overall I think she liked it.  Every time there seemed to be a dip in interest and I ask if she was all done she would say no and play with it some more.  I've got some red to try next time and a bunch of other shaped cookie cutters.  

We also read the book "The Christmas Baby."  It's got a ton of animals and baby pictures -her two favorite things- so she was thrilled with the book!

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