Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14 - 25 Days of Christmas

Today we went and let Scoot pick out her ornament for the year.  I just *knew* she would pick Elmo, but wouldn't you know they didn't have a  single Elmo ornament in the entire store!  I was shocked!  Of course she ended up picking out a Tinkerbell ornament that they were completely out of.  I think she liked it because of the music it played.  Being the overly accommodating parents that we are, we went to 2 more stores looking for this Tinkerbell ornament that she had gotten obsessed with in our 10 minute visit to the store.  But both of those stores were also out.  Secretly... I was just fine with that!  I ended up "talking her into" getting an ornament that I'm much happier about!  She got a Guess How Much I Love You book & bunny ornament.  I feel like that will have some meaning to her since we read the book often and I tell her that at least 320508365802 times a day.

 (I would have been fine with Elmo since she is actually obsessed with Elmo right now in her life.  But the Tinkerbell just didn't sit well with me since she has never shown ANY interest in Tinkerbell until she saw this ornament that played a catchy little tune.  I really think it was the music that drew her in.)

I also got her a photo ornament with the year on it.  I think that kiddos should have an ornament with the date on it (bought or better yet home crafted) until they are 10 or so.  I just think it makes getting the ornaments out every year so much fun.  Scoot has several with last years date since it was her first Christmas.  I couldn't let this year go by with no dated ornaments!! 

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