Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Renewed Commitment

The Mom Creative

A new year has started and I am ready to renew my commitment to Project Life. I really believe in doing this project for the memories and record it will leave for my family. But somewhere around July/August I usually fall off the bandwagon a bit. I love the new year and having a new kit to work with and the sense that I'm not behind yet!! My 2011 book is still missing about 6 months of journaling cards but I did put in my final order of pictures. There are plenty of gaps, but that's just how life goes so I'm not going to stress about it toooooo much.

I've found that the layout I like best is to keep the weekend together in one spread.  So my weeks run Monday - Sunday.  That means this year my book will actually start on January 2nd.  I like the picture a day format, but realistically that doesn't always happen so this year I'm going to try to give myself a little leeway to use weekly layouts for those times that I just don't remember to get my camera out every day.  My theory this year is to keep it open to find what will work best for me and get the most of our story recorded. 

Monday 1/2/12
Scoot eats cereal with milk all by herself for the first time!  The things she can do these days (with ease) amazes me daily!

Tuesday 1/3/12
Aaron went back to work after being off for 11 days.  Scoot has missed him terribly today and is waiting by the window for him to come home.

Wednesday 1/4/12
Giving a squeeze to the baby she got for Christmas.  Scoot is a very loving little momma.  She hugs, kisses, pats, feeds, and takes her baby on walks.  I can't wait to see how she is as a big sister!

Thursday 1/5/12
We have a little monkey on our hands!  Scoot climbed up on a footstool and then walked down the windowsill to get on top of the kitchen!  I think it's time to start a gymnastics class!

Friday 1/6/12
I finished the quilt top that I've been working on for Baby Roo.  Next up is to baste, quilt, and bind it.  I've got 8 weeks to get it done! I can do it!

Saturday 1/7/12
We held off for awhile due to family history of allergies, but Scoot got her first taste of peanut butter today.  She liked the jelly side of the sandwich a lot better.

Sunday 1/8/12
31 weeks pregnant with Baby Roo.  Yes it's January, but I'm ALWAYS hot!!

We unofficially declared it "Take Your Daughter To Work" day when Scoot wanted nothing more than to cuddle with Aaron, but he was on-call for work and had an emergency come in. 


  1. You are NOT the only one not committing to a title page :) I want to live and sink into my kit for a bit before I make any decisions ... PLUS I have so many ideas that I can't decide what I'm going to do :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the take your daughter to work day! So cute.

  2. That little red kitchen is super cute!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. Nice work. Looks like you have your hands full with that little Monkey. Mine are 17 months apart, so I can relate to full hands!

  4. Great to see you back on here! So glad things are going well! Your baby blanket turned out awesome! So pretty!