Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

My brain is full of random tidbits bumping into each other while floating around in there.  Time to let a few of them out into the world....

* When Scoot was born a year and a half ago it cost us less than $500.  Baby Roo is set to cost us more than an arm and a leg (not to mention the stretch marks and scars that are certain!) all because of a tiny little insurance change. 

* I've been slightly addicted to Strawberry Slushes from Sonic for the last week or so... YUM!

* I lot the crochet pattern that I used to make Scoot's special blanket.  She's so attached to it that I am starting to get worried about what happens if she loses it or it rips, so I was going to make a back up travel version.  Now that the pattern is lost I've become paranoid about anything happening to that blanket!

* I'm obsessed with Valentine's Day this year... which is NOT like me! Scoot is already wearing lots of pink, red & hearts.  I've made her a valentines sensory box and some valentines games.  And of course I'm already craving chocolate! 

* Scoot has an ABC puzzle that she loves to put together and sing the ABC song with.  Tuesday a week ago, the H piece went missing.  I'm starting to go C.R.A.Z.Y! looking for that piece.  Our house (and more specifically, the living room) is not that big.  There are not but so many places it could be.  And every time Scoot does the puzzle, we get to the H and she shrugs her little shoulders with her hands out/ palms up in front of her and says "where go H?"


  1. I love the nickname Scoot! So cute. I was looking at valentines in the store the other day and wondering which ones my 5 year old will pick.

  2. She must look so adorable when she does that. Wish I had an H for you, though.

    I'm way too busy to worry about V-day. Plus, Mr.4444 will be out of town for the "big" day, so that's okay. :)

    Lost H, lost pattern...I see a pattern.haha Here's hope you have a big find or two this week!

    Thanks for linking up! :)