Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 3 and going strong!

The Mom Creative

Week 3 and I'm more motivated than ever to make this year's album awesome!  I've been working on finishing up my 2011 album and while I thought I had done terrible at getting pictures during the fall, I've found that I didn't miss as much as I thought I did.  I still wish I had done a little better, but that just gives me something to strive for this year! 

*Blogger is being a pain about the pictures, so things are not lining up like I want them to, but I'm too tired to fight with it anymore.*

1/16/12  Scoot is 19 months old today.  She use to fit completely on this little blanket.  And now... now... well now she barely fits at all and is not interested at all in laying on the blanket for mom to take pictures!

The next picture is 1/17/12 but I can't get Blogger to make a space for me to write directly above it.  I'm trying to just go with the flow here... but it's hard.  ANYWAY!!
1/17/12 Baby Roo had it's very first test.  A non-stress test.  I started these pretty early when I was pregnant with Scoot too, but it was because of high blood pressure.  This time I still can't figure out why we are doing these.  I get to sit and concentrate on my sweet baby for at least 30 minutes twice a week though, so I don't mind so much!

1/18/11 Scoot has a favorite book -  I'm a Big Sister Now - and she reads it all day long!  When she's not asking me to read it 7 times in a row, she reads it to Elmo or her baby.  I love listening to her tell the story.  
1/19/12 (pictures above and below -- another spacing issue)  Our 2011 album has been out constantly while I steal a few moments here and there to work on finishing it up.  Today I "caught" both Scoot and Aaron looking at it at separate times.  That's why I do this!  I'm so glad they enjoy looking back on these memories!

1/20/12 Scoot loves bath time!! All the bubbles are gone and her water looks a little dingy, but she's still having a great time and a nice long bath is a good way to spend a nice chunk of time on a cold day where we don't want to be outside.

1/21/12 We don't always make smart planning decisions.  It was pouring down rain but we decided that today was actually the best day for us to go to Williamsburg.  This was our first stop in Colonial Williamsburg to check out a toy shop for a hard to locate toy.  There were very few other people as silly as us - out in this rain!  We went to the outlets after this and the rain did finally let up. 

1/22/12 Church sure did wear this poor girl out!  I love that she has her sunglasses hanging on her face and her book is still open to the page she was reading when she dozed off.  Scoot always takes her shoes off in the car, so no surprise there!

33 Weeks with Baby Roo and a 19 month melt down. 


  1. Isn't it great to see your family looking at the album.


  2. Love that your family is looking at the album!

  3. Love seeing the family members looking at the album. That's the point!

  4. Adorable photos--I love the one of your daughter looking at the scrapbook!

    I am your newest follower :-)

  5. Bathtime is a favorite activity in our house too :)

  6. Congratulations! Love the "caught" looking pics too :)

  7. love the picture of your man looking at your book! also if you don't have livewriter for blogspot you totally should, it makes writing posts A LOT easier especially ones with pictures...you can also work on posts while not 'on line' and then hit publish...

    here is the link to my project life

    here is the link to download livewriter...it is so much easier SERIOUSLY!!!!
    first download it
    then read this that walks you through hooking your blog up to it

  8. My daughter loves looking at my old PL albums it makes my heart smile! I love the umbrella pic and the last one! So Sweet:) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your pictures! We are both pregnant in the same week - funny! I hope you are doing fine!

  10. I love your photos! I love that your family is looking at your album. My hope is that I will walk in and catch mine doing that one day. (newbie to PL)