Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life Tuesday 2012 - Week 2

The Mom Creative

1/9/12  Playing peek-a-boo with Mommy in the most dare-devil way she can come up with!  We may have to keep the curtains closed until she is done with this climbing in the window phase.  She doesn't play with the window at all if the curtains are closed. 

1/10/12  A nice warm January day calls for some quality park time!  Scoot is a huge fan of climbing the steps to any and everything.  She is not at all fond of the swings right now.

1/11/12 Right after bath time Scoot went to find her 'bank' while I dried my hair.  When I was done I went to find her and was surprised that she had climbed into Mommy & Daddy's bed, gotten under the covers, and was saying "night night."  I love that she has 1 foot outside the blankets -- just like Mommy sleeps!

1/12/12 Miss Scoot kissed her first boy today!  J loved the hugs and kisses, but Daddy was not so happy when I texted this picture to him at work!  Scoot is grounded until she's 30 according to Daddy!

1/13/12 We went to Bass Pro Shops to watch the fish (and pick up some stuff for Daddy).  I love the was Scoot talks to the fish and watches them so intently.  I was taking a ton of pictures and didn't realize I had caught this sweet Daddy/daughter moment until I downloaded the pics to the computer.  My heart melted!!

1/14/12  Scoot has been protesting our car rides lately because the low winter sun is in her eyes almost all the time.  Today was the first time that I put her sunglasses on and she actually kept them on for more than 2.6 seconds.

1/15/12  Aunt Catharine was home for the weekend and was more than happy to sneak in some snuggle time at dinner on Sunday night. 

32 weeks with Baby Roo (I print these weekly shots small and put them in the 8th journal card space.)


  1. I love the sweet Daddy/Daughter moment of them holding hands. Great happy accident catching that!

  2. What a lovely week - I especially love the hand holding and peek-a-boo shots!