Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spontaneity Part One

At the beginning of June we went to Nags Head with Dana, Michael & baby Brooklyn. We were celebrating her birthday and fitting in some much neglected hang out time. We also had plans to get tattoos. Dana was going to get a ladybug for her little ladybug Brooklyn, Dana's mom was going to get a dream catcher, Dana's aunt was going to get a tiger lily, and I was hesitant but had a picture of a hydrangea (our wedding flower) that I liked.

We created a caravan - seriously 3 full vehicles - down to the tattoo parlor and met the artists. Dana's mom picked hers our and got started. The rest of us promptly chickened out! Dana's aunt didn't have enough money to get what she wanted. Dana already had a tattoo from North Carolina...

*tangent - Dana already has 2 tattoos, one is from North Carolina and her college days. The other is from California. So now she has a plan to get each of her tattoos in different states. Obviously she couldn't get another one in N.C. - now back to regularly scheduled programing*

... And since Dana and I were suppose to get tattooed together, I saw my out, and jumped on it. I wasn't getting one if she didn't. Whew, that was close!

However, the story does not end there.

Dana still really wanted her tattoo, after all this was the one that would honor her sweet little baby. So why don't we just go back to Virginia and get her tattoo? After all baby Brooklyn was born in Virginia! Hey hey hey, not so fast, she could get a tattoo in VA any 'ole day.

Where else would she want to get a tattoo to honor baby Brooklyn? Why, Brooklyn, NY of course! We joked about going to NY but I sort of blew it off.

(Note to self, Dana is not the kind that says something if she doesn't plan on actually doing it. Do not agree to do things with her and then think that she will not go through with plans.)

Well after we got home from Nags Head it seemed like everyone I talked to in my daily life had a tattoo and I began to regret not getting one while I was sitting in the tattoo parlor. Not to worry though, Dana had been quite serious. The NEXT day she called me with flight times from VA to NY on 6/23. She also had a call in to a local Brooklyn studio for two appointment times. Things were rolling.

And I was getting very excited!

Stay tuned to find out if we actually went through with this elaborate plan...

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  1. WOW! I cannot wait to read about your crazy adventure and to see a pic of your tattoo!!!! I have one, too! ;)