Thursday, June 4, 2009

my sis & goodie bags

You gotta love a sister who sends you a postcard just because she knows you like to get mail. And I sure do love my little sis!

Just a postcard to say "I'm thinking of you!" How sweet!

We are having our end of the year party at school tomorrow, even though there will still be 6 days left. I put together goodie bags for each kid and we are having a "party" which really comes down to an extended snack time with fancier snacks.

All the goodie bags taking up my entire kitchen table.

The contents of the goodie bag: A Little Critter Book, a wooden puzzle to color and put back together, a snazy pair of $1 sun glasses (these will likely fall apart within 48 hours, but the kids will LOVE them), a pencil & tiny notebook.

I can't believe the end is so close. There is so much to get done in the next 10 days that I'm stressing myself out like never before. I've been getting tension headaches on a near daily basis for the last week. And those things only make me want to come home and sleep... NOT go through my grade book! I've also had serious neck and shoulder pain from being tensed up all the time. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my new school for next year and meet the principal. I'm sure that's not adding a single ounce of tension to my stress though ;)

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