Friday, June 26, 2009

Part Dos

*If you haven't read part uno, do that first*

On Tuesday my alarm went off at 5:00 am and I was off and running. I met Dana at the airport by 6 and we were on the plane and in the air by 8:15. This was really happening!

Dana is a fantastic planner! I told her that I'd go anywhere with her again because she had everything researched and planned. She had been on the NY State Health Department website to find a highly rated reputable tattoo parlor. We decided on Fly Rite. She had contacted our artist, Marina and they had discussed what we both wanted. Marina had given Dana the name of a car service to get from the airport to Fly Rite. Dana had even been on the travel channel website and watched some episodes all about Brooklyn. She had been especially impressed with a bakery, One Girl Cookies. Nothing escapes this girl, so she had studied the subway map and knew that we had to take the G line to get from Fly Rite to One Girl Cookies.

I LOVE flying and the trip up to NY was amazing. I got a window seat. Yipee!
We survived a NYC yellow taxi ride. It was as scary as they make it out to be on TV! Our driver made lanes up as he went, cut folks off, blew his horn (there were signs saying not to!), slammed on brakes, weaved in and out of lanes, and sped. An experience I'm not soon gonna forget.

We got to Fly Rite at 10am and our appointment was not until 2. So we hopped on the G line and rode the subway for about 15 minutes. That was NOT as scary as everyone makes it out to be! We then spent our morning walking around the streets of Brooklyn. We talked to a few locals, including a postal worker. We figured if there was anyone to ask directions from, it would be a mail carrier! We got lunch recomendations from a group of nannies. They recomended a fabulous sandwich/wrap/smoothie place. They also suggested that we go around the block and eat in a nice little park. Very nice ladies! We had a wonderful lunch and did a lot of people watching. Then of course we went to find One Girl Cookies for some dessert. Another great choice. We were then back on the G line headed back to find Marina.

We got to Fly Rite a little early and they weren't open yet, but Marina came out and let us in. She even got right to work on drawing our tattoos. All I showed her was a picture of a pressed hydrangea. Hydrangeas have a speacial meaning to me because they were our wedding flowers. She drew it up and was ready to go!

Dana had much more trouble. She decided she didn't like the design she had origianally planned on, so she had to find something else. Dana ended up using three different pre drawn tattoos and combining them to make something she was happy with. Marina drew that up and we were all set.

I went first.

Then it was Dana's turn

It didn't even hurt as much as I thought it would! We got our care instructions and headed back to the airport. We were home by bed time and have an awesome story to tell about how our tattoos came to be.

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  1. Such a cool story! Your tattoo is really cute, too!