Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's been awhile since I participated in Not Me Monday, but I'm ready to get back and confess all my less-than-stellar moments of the past week. MckMama over at my charming kids created this little Monday therapy session. It's great to get all this off my chest AND to go check out what everyone else did NOT do this past week. Go see for yourself!

Before going to the George Strait concert (which I've been looking forward to since January) I did NOT consume more wine than I should have. I then did NOT twitter about being on our way to the concert and spell Strait wrong! He's a legend for pete's sake, so I would never do that! Thank goodness I was all sobered up before George actually came on stage, but that's because I did NOT have too much wine.

On Saturday morning we were suppose to get our foster dog Wilson back. I did NOT pretend not to be home just so that I could get in a few hours of sewing without having to keep an eye on him constantly.

I did NOT go shopping at the Fresh Market (while I was hungry, another big mistake) and see some Mac & Cheese in the freezer section that looked super yummy. It was also called "The World's Best Mac & Cheese." So I did NOT put it in my cart and continue to shop. It was NOT only after checking out that I realized that 2 servings of Mac & Cheese just cost me $14. WTH? Hubby did NOT request that I actually take the time to check prices before buying stuff! haha

I did NOT then hype up this snobby Mac & Cheese expecting it to be the "World's Best" only to eat it and be completely disappointed. :(

Hubby was NOT teasing me so much (it was all in good fun) one night that I did NOT try to (playfully) throw the remote at him. And since I'm such a good thrower, the remote did NOT accidentally slip out of my hand before I had aimed it and hit my dog Clover in the snout. I did NOT feel like the absolute worst doggy mommy EVER! I did NOT give Clover a special treat and let her sleep with us that night. Good thing that did NOT happen because Aaron doesn't like it when dogs sleep in our room!

I am NOT more excited about school being over today than most of my students. Teachers love every minute of teaching and NEVER need a break! I am NOT so greatful that I have a job that has a natural reset button once a year.

I did NOT think "this will make a great Not Me Monday" several times during the week and then forget them before actually sitting down to write this post. I'm not old enough to be this forgetfull! Maybe this week I'll keep an on-going list!

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  1. Shopping when hungry can make you clinically insane. No worries-it's admissible in a court of law when you spend an outrageous amount of money on yucky mac and cheese and then commit some kind of heinous hitting your dog w/a remote.