Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost & Found

We are going to a Keith Anderson concert tonight. Yesterday on the way to vet, I went to put his new CD, C'mon, in and it wasn't there. I made a mental note to get it out of Aaron's truck last night. But, when I looked in his truck, it wasn't there either! By that point I wasn't going to listen to it last night anyway, so I gave up.
This morning I was on a renewed mission to find it. I look through the pile of CDs that sit by the front door that rotate between our cars, and again, no CD. But I know it was there at some point last week because it was in my car last week.

Maybe Aaron got a new stack of CDs out of the bedroom and put some back. I go look at the CDs in the bed room. THERE IT IS!

I open it up.


I'm losing my mind!

After another 10 minutes looking for the CD, wanna know where I finally found it?

In the computer! That's where I was going to put it anyway!

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