Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama over at my charming kids started this wonderful therapy session for everyone to share their *best* moments of the past week on their blog. After you read my confessions, grab a snack & head on over to MckMama's. There will be lots to laugh at/with, some things to cringe over, and I guarantee you'll be saying "ME TOO!" by the time you leave.

Last night I did NOT stay up way past my bed time watching men in uniform clean up scum off the streets of my neighborhood. I do NOT live on a street with 2 cops within hollerin' distance in a very safe neighborhood. So seeing a drug bust was NOT entirely entertaining.

I did NOT make 2 desserts for our family reunion on Saturday where only 1 of them was cut into. I did NOT end up bringing 1 whole dessert home and about half of the other. I did NOT then rationalize having carrot cake for breakfast on Sunday since the ingredients include veggies, whole wheat flour, eggs, and cream cheese.

I did NOT change from a shorter dress into a long skirt on Sunday before going to church because I had forgotten to shave my legs. It's church for crying out loud! Who's going to be rubbing up against my legs? There was no reason to change and throw a perfectly good dress on top of the dirty clothes pile. I'm NOT that self conscious!

I did NOT end up throwing away some grapes just because I bought too much produce and did not eat it all before it went bad. I do NOT hate wasting money & food. I also did NOT add more grapes to the shopping list for this week.

Since this was the first week of summer break for me, I did NOT go back to sleep every single day after Aaron went to work. Nope, I got right up and got busy on my to-do list each day. That schedule did NOT cause me to stay in my pjs and unshowered until 4pm one day.

I did NOT make an appointment early last week to go get my swollen foot looked at. It had NOT been swollen for 2 weeks and I had NOT been so much of a smarta*s that I thought I could fix it by myself. I did NOT then have to wait 4 days before they could fit me in. I did NOT show up at the doctors office with a perfectly normal foot with no swelling. The doctor did NOT check my foot and say it looked just fine to her. I did NOT end up feeling like a dummy after all.

I do NOT have secret plans for tomorrow that involve me flying from VA to NY. I do NOT promise to share more on Wednesday. ;)

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  1. Oh I just hate throwing away produce.