Saturday, June 13, 2009

my LONG story

Hilarious {to me at least} conversation had with hubby on the way to the George Strait concert Friday night.

... we were standing in the kitchen getting ready to leave and I told him that I had a story to tell him, but it was too LONG for right then, so I'd tell him when we got in the car.

We got in the car and hit traffic immediately because of an accident, so hubby ask me to wait to tell my LONG story after he navigated through the traffic and decided which tunnel to take. "No problemo babe!"

He finally gave me the go ahead to begin my LONG story, but I had thought of 2 questions in the mean time, so I ask my two questions. By this time, the suspense is beginning to drive hubby crazy.

We are finally on the interstate and I tell my LONG story... it takes less than a mile (going 60 mph) for me to tell my entire LONG story. At the end I say, "well, I guess it wasn't so much long as we just needed to leave right then."

Hubby looks at me and says "As far as your stories go, that wasn't LONG it really wasn't even short, I'd probably classify that as a poem."

Hysterical laughter ensued from my passenger seat.

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