Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

It makes me feel better to clear up any misconceptions and let you all know exactly what has NOT been happening at my house this week.  MckMama over at My Charming Kids is not letting her secrets out of the bag either, so hop on over and check out what she has not been doing (along with a bunch more folks)!

I did not let my dirty dishes pile up in the sink.  And even if I did that, I would not have gotten to the point that I just couldn't look at them anymore and start washing them only to get tired of washing dishes again and leave all the silverware still laying in the bottom of the sink.  And I most certainly did not make a deal with my husband later to get him to finish washing the silverware.  Silverware can't be that much of a pain to wash!

Hubby and I did not go into Krispy Kreme to redeem our two "free doughnut" cupons and then end up buying a dozen anyway.  No chance that we did that!  There's also no way that we both also ate 3 when we got home!  We have more willpower against the hot sign!

Of course I planned ahead for my mom's birthday and got her a present WAY in advance.  I did not scurry around only hours before her birthday dinner racking my brain trying to think of something that would make her smile.  And the present I got her most certainly did not come from a hunting/fishing store!

During the super bowl I did not eat so much and talk so much that I missed the opening kickoff and some of the good commercials.  It is terrible when you only catch the punch line of a funny commercial because its not as funny as if you'd seen the whole thing.

I did not run into the grocery store late Sunday night just to get something for lunch the next day since our cabinets were bare.  While I was not in the grocery store I did not only think about what I would eat for lunch and completely forget that my husband needed bread for his sandwich!  So he did not go to work this morning with a tube of Ritz crackers and some peanutbutter for lunch.  Not at my house, I'm a better wife than that!

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