Thursday, January 29, 2009

the list goes on

It's been all over Facebook so I decided to share mine here with you in case you haven't befriended me over on Facebook. (Or maybe you aren't on facebook!?!?!)

1. I don't eat meat if it has a bone in it and you are suppose to pick it up and gnaw on it. (ie. chicken wings, fried chicken, ribs...)

2. I've shared a room with someone my whole life (besides the 2 years before my sister was born and the 8 months I had an apartment in college).

3. Attending the same church I grew up in, even after getting married, kinda makes me feel like I'm still in high school.

4. I am TERRIBLE at making decisions. I love it when stuff (any and everything) comes with the option to change it later.

5. I can get cabin feaver in less than 6 hours. Thank goodness I don't live somewhere with a lot of snow.

6. I like to save EVERYTHING. I'm always pretty sure that I can find a way to use something, it just might take me a couple of weeks. My husband is breaking me of this - which is a really good thing.

7. The next house we buy will need a big yard for my dogs, a front porch, and a dishwasher. Everything else is negotiable.

8. I love sports! They are even better in person but I'll watch football, basketball, and NASCAR on TV. Baseball games are a must in spring/summer. One day I will have season tickets to Virginia Tech football and basketball... one day.

9. The need to create something overwhelmes me sometimes so I usually have some kind of crochet project going on that I can pick up and put down as the urge strikes.

10. Aaron calls me a senior citizen because I like to crochet, eat early, and go to bed early. I also say things like "oh my stars" or my own grandma's favorite "bless your bones."

11. I love, love, love to get to know people through their family. I like to know who they are when they are not in public. How many siblings they have. How their parent's chose their name. I'm a big time people watcher.

12. I don't like to wear big coats, but lots of layers are comfy cozy.

13. I love jewlery but I'm always wearing basically the same thing. I forget that I have earings to match my maroon sweater perfectly or a necklace that is just right for that green dress.

14. I am not a phone talker. Text messaging has really saved me a lot of stress about getting details and plans worked out with those folks I'm suppose to meet up with. If its something really important I'll call of course... but it has to be really important.

15. In unfamiliar situations I like someone to tell me exactly what I'm suppose to do. What is expected and how should I get there. I don't like trying to figure things out for myself the first time. After I understand what's expected I'll take it and try to figure out my own spin on it, how to make it mine.

16. I'm not a cofee or hot tea drinker but I love apple cider and hot chocolate.

17. On the other hand, I'm not a person to crave chocolate. I went on vacation with Aaron's family to Hershey, PA and bought Twizzlers. hahaha

18. I've wanted to have lots of kids ever since I was 6. I begged and pleaded with my mom to have another baby and she wouldn't. It was bad, I cried and cried. From then on I wanted at least 4 kids. Aaron says we're only going to have 2. I told him God's in charge so we'll just have to see what he says.

19. Being a nanny has been my favorite job. I've officially had 3 different nanny jobs (but lots more long term families that I babysit for) and I'd go back in a minute, especially to the third family with their adorable, polite, sweet, funny, loveable boys.

20. I've never travelled out of the United States. I don't have a pasport.

21. I would love to wear flip flops all year. I don't even mind when my toes get so cold they turn purple. I've never worn them in snow though and going to college where there was snow sorta broke me of my flip flops in winter habit. Its slowly coming back though.

22. I have a slight pen/marker and post it note addiction. You can't ever have to many sharpies and post its can you!?!?! Just look in my desk drawer to find out.

23. I want give my kids family names... BUT... I don't love the names I would have to choose from. Plus hubby doesn't want to have a Jr. and I wouldn't want anyone's feelings to get hurt, so we won't be going that way.

24. Everyone talks to themselves right? I do it all. the. time!

25. Our dogs aren't allowed in our bedroom (hubby supposedly has allergies) EXCEPT on the weekends when Clover gets to come in and cuddle. Her weekday internal alarm (5:15 am) goes off on the weekends too so she gets to come cuddle so I can sleep in until a more appropriate time.

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