Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Has your dad ever said...

"I'll give you something to complain about?"

Mine has... at least two or three (hundred) times. And today I heard it running through my head again. We all know the economy isn't great but I (wrongly) felt protected by being in the education field. WRONG! In my area, teacher jobs are being cut just like everyone elses. So today at our staff meeting while the principal was going over the budget, I was reminded of how much I was complaining about having to go to work this morning. I felt completely justified this morning in not wanting to go out in below freezing temperatures when I could stay inside doing crafty things instead. There's no guarantee I'll have a job next school year... which would mean no money to do crafty projects... or pretty much carry on life as we know it now. It may not be exactly what I want to do, but it's time to be thankful for what I do have!

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