Thursday, January 29, 2009

sing me a song

I could listen to live music for days on end without ever being bored. When I was in middle school I got accused of liking a boy at a youth group lock in at the YMCA because I was listening to him play the guitar. He was okay - but his guitar was what I was really after! I've been to more concerts than almost anyone I know and I've even wormed my way into being friends with the local radio DJs so that I can get better access to the live music in my area. Luckily, I live in an area that has a lot of good music come through. I can get pretty attached and selective of the music I will buy to play at home/in the car, but if I hear something live I almost immediately love it (there are a few exceptions!). I don't make a habit of going to concerts where I don't think I'll like the music, but I have a couple of times, and I've been pleasantly surprised.

The memories of my life are all tied to a song. I've got songs stuck to memories that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember at all if the song wasn't attached. There are songs that I hear years later that I could tell you what street I was driving on and who was in the passenger seat the first time I heard the song. These don't even have to be songs that I consider my favorite or even that I like. I often wake up in the morning with a song running through my head that I haven't heard in days and I have no reason to think of other than... I'm a music person.

It's hard for me to pick favorite songs because I usually have 3 or 4 at a time, but they'll stick around for a good long time. I love it when I buy a CD and the entire thing is full of songs that I could listen to on repeat.

I can't play a single instrument or carry a tune in a bucket. I've tried... and tried... and tried. I bought a guitar. I have no rhythm. Well I can get started keeping time to music, but I always loose it somewhere near the end. If only songs were about 45 seconds shorter I might be able to play an entire song without getting all off.

The lyrics of songs inspire me and make me feel. I could feel anything as long as I feel. Tonight we were riding around and I heard "Laugh like I'm not afraid to cry." It really spoke to me and until further notice it is my motto.

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