Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet the spoiled pups

This is Clover. We found Clover in the Roanoke Times in March 2005. She was part of an unwanted litter of 7 week old Great Dane (3/4) Mix puppies. My roommate volunteered with an all breed rescue and had brought home a great dane puppy several weeks earlier to foster. I was completely in love with him, but he was already spoken for. That was all the introduction I needed to Great Danes and I was determined to find one of my own. I saw the add in the paper on Tuesday and called to ask if I could come look at the puppies on Saturday. The guy said they would all be taken by then because they were first come first served, but I could call back on Saturday morning. I told Aaron that it wasn't meant to be and I would just have to keep looking. Something was still nagging at me on Friday afternoon though and I called the guy back. He said that they had 1 puppy left that had been returned to them. It was a female. "WHAT!? I'll be right there!" And if you ask Aaron, that was the day that he lost me to the dogs!

This is Dolly. (or as all her friends know her... Dolly Llama... or just plain Llama) Dolly started out as our foster in December 07. It was her second time through rescue. She had been fostered right down the road and then adopted to a horse farm. Everyone thought it was a perfect situation, but she did not get along with one of the little dogs in the home. She lived with us as a foster for about a month and I was COMPLETELY in love. We did not adopt her then because... well... because I have a problem. I have a problem saying no to the foster coordinator when she calls and asks me to take in another dog. Aaron knew that even if we adopted I'd still say yes to fostering. And he said there was NO WAY we could have 3 dogs in our house. NO WAY! Dolly was adopted to a very nice lady with another big dog for her to play with. Everything was great... for 3 months. Again Dolly did not get along with one of the dogs at her adopter's parents' house. Dolly came back and will NEVER leave. We adopted her in April 2008. {And YES, we've had several fosters since we adopted her because as it turns out, we CAN have 3 dogs in our house! hehe}
We volunteer with a Great Dane rescue and have had foster dogs pretty much constantly since November 2006. Clover and Llama are completely spoiled. They have their own room (come on... have you seen the size of a crate that fits a great dane... they NEED their own room!) but can usually be found lounging on the couch or our bed. We loose sleep and the covers when we let Clover snuggle with us on weekend mornings (in our full size bed!). Don't worry, Llama isn't left out, she prefers not to snuggle ON the furniture. So I can often be found laying on the floor just so we can get serious cuddle time. They are a great alarm system that would deter any would be burglar, but they would never hurt a fly.... OK, maybe Dolly would hurt a fly... she has caught a squirrel before! OOOPS!
I love my babies (and Aaron does too, he just won't openly admit it to strangers)!

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  1. They are so cute! I love that you follow our blog, that's why blogs are great, it makes the world a bit smaller. Plus, it's fun to find friends who share similar passions!