Thursday, February 26, 2009

my plans were foiled

Last night I stayed up late to make some fantastic homemade potato soup to take to my friend's house tonight.  Little baby B is almost 3 weeks old, and I figured it would be nice if I finally took them something. 

In my defense, I did go over when she was just 6 days old and hold her for 4 hours so that they could rest.  It sure was a tough job, but somebody had to do it! :)

Anyway, I figured that at this point everyone else who was going to bring food would have already done it and they've probably had to cook for themselves a little.  So now would be a good time. They would be able to enjoy my hard work and delicious soup without all the other food to distract them.  hehehe {Maybe I'm a bit too confidant about my potato soup!}  While they ate dinner I was going to volunteer... again... to hold Little Miss and give them a break. Man are they lucky to have someone willing to take on that task ;)

Well this morning I woke up completely congested and unable to breath with a side of deep coughing and to top it all of the sneezes.  Perfect.  No way do I want to infect Little Miss so my husband is taking the food to them and I'll just have to imagine them ooohhhing and ahhhing over my soup.  And by the time I finally get a hold of that cute little thing again, she probably won't be so little any more.  

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