Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Every Monday MckMama and a ton of her friends share the hilarious things they most certainly did not do over the past week. Head over to MckMama's blog and get a good dose of therapy.

Last week I did not promise myself that I was going to get healthier by eating better and working out while I was looking at workout videos in Target only to buy cookies before leaving.

I did not take a "before" picture of myself and then chicken out before posting it. I need the accountability and want to get it any way I can... even if that means posting unflatering pictures.

I did not admit to several people at church that one of my goals had been accomplished. What was that goal that I wouldn't want to admit you ask? Well I became a judge. A judge of the infamous youth chili cook off! I love chili and look forward to the chili cook off that the youth sponsor each year to raise money for their mission trip. We started the yearly event when I was in the youth group and it has grown into a major deal. I was certainly not very honored to be a judge!

I did not jump out of my seat and have my heart beat faster than a race horse every time my phone sounded with a call or text because I was waiting to hear that my best friend's baby was finally here. I also did not tell my own mother that she was not allowed to call me on my cell phone until I had heard from the happy family. Poor mom was only calling to check in and see if baby Brooklyn had arrived. Being on the waiting end was hard for me. I can only imagine how Dana managed to wait allllll day for the baby. I'm not so sure I'll be any good at that part when it's my turn.

I also did not casually glance (ok stare) out my front window at my neighbors who also had a baby girl this weekend. Luckily I have better manners than that and baked them some muffins to take over there today. By the way, what ever happened to the tradition of a stork? I am kinda nosey about some things, but one of my favorite things to learn about people is their name and what it means, how their parents chose it, how it fits with other family names, do they have nick-names, and if they like their name. When I saw our neighbors come home with their baby girl I immediately wanted to know what her name is. I wasn't about to run over there and interupt their precious family time. Since they don't have a stork I'll just have to wait until I take muffins over to them later to find out her name. But goodness knows I'm not a patient person, just ask my husband!

I did not go to the grocery store without a list, without coupons, and without my reusable bags simply because I didn't want to go grocery shopping in the first place and was rebelling against domestic duties. I am more responsible than that! I make a menu for all our dinners for the week and a list of what I need so that I don't waste a ton of money on impulse purchases (like frozen mozzarella sticks). I also always check my coupon envelope to make sure I save every penny that I can. And since our grocery store gives you $.05 cents back for every reusable bag you use, I would never leave all 6 of my bags right in the backseat of the car. Come on! That would be ridiculous!

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