Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so how old are you?

One of the little girls in my class has the same birth date as I do and it happened to fall on our 100th day of school, therefore our birthday celebration was pretty rockin. The kids ask me how old I was and off the top of my head I told them I was 12.

They all bought it... kindergartners are precious!

Well for the next several days, every once in a while one of them would again ask me how old I was. Of course I didn't want them to think I had lied to them, so I repeated that I was 12 every time they ask.

Someone even pointed out that if I was 12, I must have been 11 before. And that is so true. I WAS 11 before... it just happened to be 15 years ago!

Anyway, we are sitting at the reading table working diligently on learning some new sight words when a very inquisitive boy asks how old I am ... again! Again, I tell him I'm 12. He thinks for a minute and says "You can't be 12 because you've already graduated."

"That's true, I've graduated 3 times already."

"You mean like High School Musical 3?"

I look at him with confusion...

"You mean you graduated like High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, and High School Musical 3? Three times?"

"Ummmm, yea sure buddy, now tell me how you spell like."

I guess I really ought to catch up on some elementary aged pop culture if I'm going to fit in as a 12 year old!

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