Tuesday, August 18, 2009

right back on the bandwagon

I have an terrible way of coping with my own failures. Especially when it comes to dieting or "lifestyle changes" - I'm trying to make my good eating habits stick around longer than a month or two - hence the "lifestyle changes."

However, I've had several *high five* moments in the last few weeks!

I have to tell you where I started or my accomplishments will seem very trivial. In the past {and I'm talking 15 years kind of past} whenever I was on any type of diet or healthy eating kick or exercise routine one tiny little slip up could cause the entire thing to come crashing down around me. If I was doing Weight Watchers and went over my points, even for one day, I would instantly declare the entire week to be a waste AND THEN go get a milkshake because "these aren't allowed on my diet so I'd better get as many as I can before I start that diet again." It never mattered what program I was on. You could just as easily replace Weight Watchers with South Beach or The Zone {or probably anything else you can think of}.

The same thing happened with exercise. If I missed a day/routine that I had been planning for that week, I just skipped the rest of the week and wrote it off as another failed attempt.

Well, I did great sticking to my plans all through July. I was eating what I was suppose to be eating, my cravings had all but stopped, and I was being rewarded with (small) decreases on the scale. I had the motivation of our cruise to keep me going so strong that whole month. But the cruise became a catch-22. I was so motivated to stay on plan to get me to the cruise, but I KNEW I wouldn't have the kind of food control while on the cruise that I would need to stay on plan during the trip. {And really who wants to be completely strict while on vacation?!} So I gave myself a break. I didn't completely write the week off... I stuck to plan for breakfast & lunch, but ate more like everyone else for dinner. I still didn't go overboard at dinner but I did have dessert most nights.

The best part was that when we came home I jumped right back to being on plan. I didn't give it another thought. I didn't give myself a grace period or promise to do it the next week or make excuses, I just got back to my "lifestyle changes."

Yesterday I had a meeting at school and the Principal ordered lunch for everyone. Of course it wasn't something that was on plan for me so I ate a little {it was my first time meeting these people, and I didn't feel like explaining my food choices to them the first day} and tried not to feel too guilty. But as soon as that meal was over, I got right back on plan. I didn't throw away the rest of the day simply because of one little glitch in the system.

It's not much, but I'm proud of it!

Make sure you check out the end of my post from Monday. I'm doing a giveaway of some of my favorite things!


  1. That is an awesome accomplishment Amanda! Way to go!

  2. I think the way you handled the meeting was perfect. Congratulations for getting right back on plan :)