Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama invites any & every one to share things from the last week that may have been a little too embarrassing or simply unbelievable. Stick around and read what I most certainly did NOT do last week and then head over to MckMama's and get to know some other folks over there.

This week I'm back from vacation and it's just too much for me to remember all the things I did NOT do last week. If I remembered them all, I'd wish I was right back in that tropical paradise. So let me share with you some things that were NOT included in my wonderful vacation. {This is NOT going to be pretty long!}

*We did NOT get to take 4 flights over the last week. I'm NOT a total geek and this was NOT a major part of my vacation. We did NOT leave out of a port in Florida simply so that I could fly to get there. I am NOT ready to get back on a plane already!

*There were NOT 24 hour buffets on the Carnival Fascination. I did NOT enjoy some foods that I have not had in the last 6 weeks due to a 'lifestyle change' that was working wonderfully. The formal dinners did NOT serve dessert after every dinner. And I did NOT gain 5 pounds back that I had lost.

*I did NOT swim in crystal clear seas where I wanted to stay forever!

*I did NOT already make plans to take a longer vacation to The Atlantis Resort in Nassau Bahamas. That place was NOT amazing!

*We did NOT walk across the entire width of the island of Key West Florida... TWICE!

*I did NOT take pictures of all the towel animals that our stateroom steward made during turn down service each night.

*I did NOT completely enjoy being waited on hand and foot all week! It was NOT amazing to not only not have to worry about my own needs, but know that my husband was completely enjoying himself too.

*I did NOT make a few super nice friends on the cruise. We did NOT enjoy having dinner with them every night!

*The bed on the ship was NOT the most amazingly comfortable bed I've ever slept in. I did NOT take a nap almost every day just to spend more time with that lovely cloud of comfy.

*We did NOT stay up insanely late most nights watching shows, playing bingo, listening to R rated comic skits, enjoying frozen beverages, talking, and eating.

*We did NOT attend an art auction and we did NOT win a free piece of art!

*We are NOT already planning another cruise! We are NOT trying to convince everyone we know to go with us next time. Nope NOT ME! =)

I will NOT be posting a bunch of pictures over the next couple of days, so check back... unless you really do not want to see some pictures of paradise!


  1. Oh this sounds heavenly!!!!!

  2. I cannot wait to see pics! That is awesome that you won a free piece of art! You are on a winning streak!!!