Thursday, July 23, 2009

updating my jewelry wardrobe

Last night I was upset about something I'm not *suppose* to get upset about. Since I couldn't take my - well lets just call it what it was - anger out on the source I took it out on Aaron. Over a silly piece of cake of all things!

And then I bought myself some jewelry! HA!

~I was upset because I just found out that our friends Dana & Michael who welcomed their sweet daughter Brooklyn into the world in February are already off birth control to try for their second. I don't expect them to put their family on hold simply because we haven't been able to start ours, really I don't, but it was an unexpected blow at a fragile time.~

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  1. I know what you mean. A friend of a friend has 3 kids now. They got on welfare after the first was born. Then they had a second with special needs and are deeper in the hole and actually planned to have the third. All planned pregnancies that just happened like it was nothing and it pisses me off.