Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The total came to $474.11

If you happened to catch any of my twitter updates from earlier today, you may have seen that I had to take my Dolly Llama to the vet because a giant gash appeared on her leg.

Last night Aaron went to the bed room and immediately called me to come in there. There were 5 spots of blood on the quilt. The biggest was about the size of a quarter and they were all in the same general area. It had to have come from one of the dogs, but we had no idea which one. All three had been up on the bed at some point. They were all walking fine {no limping}, had all eaten their dinner, and were all curled up sleeping in the living room at that point. I wasn't sure who to suspect. I went and rubbed them all down but never found anything, none of them flinched at any tender spots, and there were no blood spots where any of them were laying in the living room so I kinda just figured it was Clover chewing her nails/feet {she does that often and I have no idea why!} and that she was fine now.

We went to bed.

This morning I got up at 5:15 to start the day and in my blurry, sleep crusted eye state I saw something on the back of Dolly's leg when I let her out. After she did her business and came back in I checked it more carefully and she had a HUGE gash on her leg. It seriously almost wrapped completely around her foot! {It was at the point that I call a dog's wrist.} It wasn't bleeding at that point. I have no idea how she did it. I have no idea when she did it. She's still acting fine!

I waited until business hours (not to mention daylight) to call the vet and they made me an appointment for this afternoon. They didn't seem very concerned since she wasn't showing any symptoms. When we got there they first thought maybe they could staple it, then decided that stitches would be best, THEN looked at it closer and found that the gash actually goes 2 and 1/2 inches up into her leg!!!!!! She had to be sedated and have multi-layer stitches. I had to leave her there for 4 hours to give her time to go into surgery and then recover.

She's home now and acting like nothing is wrong still.

Dolly is very camera shy. She got up and ran out of the room as soon as she heard the click of the camera! Her bandage is on her back right foot and even though she can reach it, she hasn't tried to get it off yet!

I think she was getting a little aggravated that I would dare to follow her around with my camera and take pictures while she was in this state!

*see the fuzzy pieces of bed in the back ground? Clover shredded one of the blankets in her bed while Dolly was gone. I guess the separation was just TOOO much for her to handle. Spoiled brat!*

"NO MORE PICTURES MOM! A girl needs her beauty sleep! I'm going to my private place and you may NOT bother me here!"

*see the dirt in the bottom of her crate? Dolly is my mud hole digger. When she's outside, she digs a hole and lays in it to stay cool. She always comes in filthy but luckily most of the dirt manages to stay in her crate. I did make her get up and let me clean her crate after this picture. I'm so mean!*

She's now sleeping happily in her crate, but it's Clover who is pacing the house whining and wanting so badly to play with her bestest friend!


  1. Poor furbaby!

    They chew their nails/feet if they have allergies. You need to give a fatty acid supplement to help aid their allergies. Like fish oil or something. They sell it at petco, petsmart, etc. It comes in liquid form you can put on their food or in a capsule.

  2. Poor baby!!! Did you ever figure out how it may have happened? So strange! Hope she's feeling better asap!!