Thursday, July 16, 2009

late at best

Apparently I love supporting the greeting card industry but could care less if I actually bless the intended recipients with the cards I purchase!

Take for instance Father's Day. Now I did not see my dad on Father's Day since he was out of town, but I did see him the next Saturday and I even gave him his gift that day, BUT I had forgotten the card. I have also since seen him no less than 6 times. The card still sits on my dinning room table, completely filled out with loving sentiments. Way to go me!

This weekend my uncle and my brother-in-law both have birthdays. I bought them cards and had hubby sign his name. This was amazing progress for me! Both cards were destined to be on time if I put them in the mail today. I even have stamps!


Where is my address book? I've stashed it away in the depths of God only knows where and can not find it for the life of me even though I've completely trashed two rooms looking for it.

Once again, the cards I've purchased will be late at best :(


  1. Your new design is SUPER cute!!!!!! Great choice! :)

    Thank you also for all of your encouraging words. Who would have ever thought we would have stumbled upon such a nice friendship through our blogs? It is wonderful! Too bad we don't live closer! :(

  2. Haha, I'm the same way! I sent my friend her birthday card 7 months late!