Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bugs are good as dead...

... if they decide to take a chance and come inside my house!
The first line of defense is a big 'ole doofy dog I lovingly call my "seek-and-destroy" tool. No bug, flying or crawling, can escape her constant watch. She will follow it around and eat it if she gets the chance.

If my bug catcher dog should happen to be in her crate, outside, or the bug is just too dang high up in the air for her, enter my macho husband. Aaron has been a known to smash bugs with shoes, hats, newspapers, and even his bare hand!

Tonight, I had a serious case for these two! As we came in from our putt-putt showdown, I heard a bug flying loudly right next to my head. Clover was still in her crate so it was all up to Aaron. The bug flew up towards the celling, Aaron took his hat off and swung it at the bug. He made contact and the bug was catapulted to the other side of the room, bouncing off of the wall 3 times in the process. He was a dead little sucker but he was not done with his torment yet. His blood and guts were smeared on the wall in all 3 places that he touched. Two of them were low enough for Aaron to reach but the third required standing on a chair. This spot was right over the doorway from the living room to the dinning room. Aaron stood on the chair, cleaned the spot and bent over to get down when ... THWACK ... he smacked his head right into the top of the door frame!

I'm STILL laughing {after making sure he was okay first of course} and he is nursing his massive headache with a frozen bag of broccoli and some Tylenol.
But just remember, the bug is dead and that's all that really matters!


  1. Ouch!!

    Glad the bug is dead though! I *hate* the stupid flies that get in my house and buzz right next to my head!

  2. Lol! I've taught my pets to attack bug intruders too!