Saturday, July 25, 2009

always, sometimes, never

Elise started this, then Jodi borrowed it from her, and now I'm copying both of them and sharing some of my always, sometimes, nevers with you!

I always
~take a multivitamin before bed every night.
~let numbers I don't recognize go to voice mail.
~turn on my computer within 5 minutes of walking in the door.
~leave my sewing machine sitting on the dinning room table.
~wave to Aaron as he leaves in the morning.
~have one basket of clean clothes and {at least} one basket of dirty clothes in my bedroom floor.
~wear flip-flops during the summer.
~keep a blanket thrown over my couch so that the dog hair won't get directly on the furniture.
~have room for ice cream.
~have chapstick in my pocket.

I sometimes
~pretend that I can't hear the dogs whining when they wake up at 5 AM... if it doesn't bother Aaron enough to get up and let them out... then let 'em whine.
~stay up past my bed time reading blogs or sewing.
~forget to turn my phone's ringer down before I go to bed and wake up to random twitter messages in the middle of the night.
~make Aaron spaghetti for dinner 2 or 3 times a week because it's easy {he just likes noodles with parm cheese- no sauce} and he loves it.
~buy someone a gift and then get myself the exact same thing a couple days later because I like it so much.

I never
~wear my hair up in public.
~grill out at home even though I LOVE grilled food!
~debate things with my Dad.
~get in the car without sunglasses.
~grow my nails out.
~stay organized for more than a week.
~really figured out how to decorate our house beyond the hodge-podge that occurred when all of our stuff collided in one place.
~look forward to bathing suit shopping.

That was fun! If you decide to get in on the action let me know so that I can come read yours too!

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  1. I ALWAYS have chapstick in my pocket too!!