Friday, April 24, 2009

snack time

At my school, Kindergartners have snack every afternoon. They can bring a healthy snack from home, or they can bring money and buy one from the cafeteria. If they want to buy one they have a couple of choices: munchies, dolphins, teddy grahams, scooby snacks, or popcorn.

They unpack, bring their money up to me, and indicate which snack they would like to order. Today, one little boy brought me his money and started walking away. I ask him what he wanted for snack and he mumbled something, but it sounded like he said "dog treats."

I MUST have heard him wrong.

"What did you say, buddy?"

He came back a little closer to me and said, "Dog treats." Just as normal as could be.

I am holding back hysterical laughter as much as I possibly can and ask him again, "You want what for snack?"

"You know, scooby!"

Oh RIGHT they are shaped like dog treats. Kids are the best!

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