Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy night

Last night was a weird one!

First we decided to go to a minor league baseball game during tornado warnings. In our area we are not blessed with any major league baseball, but we do have a minor league farm team of the Orioles. Last night was opening night. We've been to opening night for the last 4 years and it has become one of the things I look forward to each spring. We weren't going to miss it last night!

We were smart about it though... we watched the radar and waited for the big storm to move away from the area, THEN headed over. The tornado warning was still in place, but it was a BEAUTIFUL night after the storm passed. But we ran into a *tiny* problem. When the storm passed over the area it dumped a TON of rain on the field and even with excellent drainage and the infield covered, there was no way they could play with the condition of the field.

We payed $50 for tickets, parking, and food... but saw NO game :(

On the way home we ran into major traffic. To get to the stadium from our house you have to go through a tunnel (or two) and the storm had flooded a tunnel creating a major backup. We stopped at Wal-mart to avoid sitting on the interstate for hours on end. By the time we got back on our side of the water it was close to 10PM! On a school night!

But... our night was not over yet....

As we pulled into our street I saw a dog standing in our driveway. Not just any dog... a Great Dane! We spend so much time with foster dogs and having play dates with other dogs that it actually took me a minute to make sure that he wasn't one of ours who had somehow gotten out of the house. :/

I jumped out of the truck before it was even stopped to try to catch the big guy (we live close to a busy road) but he was afraid and bolted behind our neighbors house. GREAT! It's 10pm, our neighbors are asleep, and we are going to go nosing around in their yard setting off their motion sensors. This could be good.

The dog was so scared that he was staying in the back corner of their yard except if we tried to corner him... then he ran. We were having NO luck so I called my friend down the street (and woke her up) to ask her to come help us. After another 45 minutes, her husband finally caught him. WHEW!

Did I mention that there were 4 milkbone dog treats piled neatly on our porch? Yea, well they didn't help. This dog didn't like treats. But because of the treats we are thinking someone dumped him. What wonderful folks... dumping a dog during a storm (there was still lots of lightning in our area) when there wasn't even anyone there to bring him in. UGH!

Tonight was much more uneventful! What will tomorrow bring?

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  1. I love how you cared enough about the stray dog to catch him. I have a soft spot for stray animals, too.

    What happened to the little (or big) guy?